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    Welcome to my blog on all things Spongebob. If you're here, that means that you probably love him just as much as I do. Feel free to stick around if you do. New content posted every day unless im busy.

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Best meal ever
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    errands errands errands errands
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listen spongeman. get off my freakin’ property
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I don’t know if anyone outside of my town really realises that a second Spongebob movie is being made, and Antonio Banderas is a pirate in it.
They were filming this on what is basically our main street downtown and I can’t describe how surprised I was and how hard I laughed when I looked up and saw Antonio Banderas barrelling down the street on a pirate ship as he screamed.
I just thought the world needed to know about this momentous occasion

    i guess Daft Punk got lucky at the grammys

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